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The Helmholtz Young Investigator in Diabetes (HeIDi) award recognizes the outstanding achievements of two young scientists - rising stars. Each plenary speaker nominates one young scientist for the HeIDi award. A special award committee finally selects two award winners amongst all HeIDi Nominees after they have given their lecture (the HeIDi lectures are part of the scientific program of the conference)

<h2 class="csc-firstHeader">HeIDi-Award Committee</h2>
<ul> 	<li>Wolfgang Wurst (Chair)</li> 	<li>Matthias Blüher</li> 	<li>Jens Brüning</li> 	<li>Sheila Collins</li> 	<li>Stephan Herzig</li> 	<li>Susanna Hofmann</li> 	<li>Heiko Lickert</li> 	<li>Paul Pfluger</li> 	<li>Annette Schürmann</li> 	<li>Mathias Treier</li> 	<li>Giles Yeo</li> </ul>

HeIDi-Award Committee

  • Wolfgang Wurst (Chair)
  • Matthias Blüher
  • Jens Brüning
  • Sheila Collins
  • Stephan Herzig
  • Susanna Hofmann
  • Heiko Lickert
  • Paul Pfluger
  • Annette Schürmann
  • Mathias Treier
  • Giles Yeo