Plenary Speakers

Michael Czech, Univ. of Massachusetts

Sabrina Diano, Yale University

Richard DiMarchi, Indiana University

Ana Domingos, University of Oxford

Joel Elmquist, Univ. of Texas Southwestern

Sadaf Farooqi, Univ. of Cambridge

Jeffrey Friedman, Rockefeller University

Stephanie Fulton, Univ. of Montreal

Magdalena Götz, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Lora Heisler, Univ. of Aberdeen

Tamas Horvath, Yale University

Klaus Kästner, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Martin Klingenspor, Technical University of Munich

Zachary Knight, Univ. of California - San Francisco

Mitchell Lazar, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Bradford Lowell, Harvard University

Gilles Mithieux, Université de Lyon (TBC)

Martin Myers, Univ. of Michigan

Sir Stephen O'Rahilly, Univ. of Cambridge

Philipp Scherer, Univ. of Texas Southwestern

Michael Schwartz, Univ. of Washington

Randy Seeley, Univ. of Michigan

Javier Stern, Georgia State University

Scott Sternson, Janelia Research Campus

Lori Zeltser, Columbia University

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